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Located on a 35-hectare waterfront site close to the heart of Singapore, the Sports Hub is poised as a new icon in Singapore’s urbanscape . In form and massing, the National Stadium, creates a distinctive silhouette and an identity for Singapore Sports Hub, complimenting the nearby Singapore Indoor Stadium.

It took 45 months, 24/7 to build this unique hub.

Discover the images of the building rising over the Singapore skyline.

Live Better, Sports Matter

Is the Sports Hub’s library where you can (A) borrow books, (B) play virtual games, or (C) watch a movie? Find out the answer.


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“For me, the Sports Hub is a one in a lifetime experience”.
Felix is a young engineer from Dragages Singapore in charge of the construction of the new National Stadium. His feeling, his attachment to the Sports Hub is growing with the project itself.

What is his daily life like working on one of the major projects in Singapore?

Follow him from morning to evening on site.

A Champion’s Expectation

Find out what makes Paralympic gold medallist Yip Pin Xiu a winner, and what excites her at the new Sports Hub.

A Champion’s Expectation


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Lim is in charge of the technical equipment on the Sports Hub construction site. As a member of the production team, he is at the heart of the project.

How does he see his work and his relationship with his team? Why is he proud to be part of this adventure?

Follow him to get a unique insight into life at a construction site.

The Architect’s View

What inspired the design of the Sports Hub? Were there obstacles along the way? Hear from the horse’s mouth.

A Champion’s Expectation